The (Almost) Original Sony Playstation


As part of preparing to move, I spent some time during the summer to clean out the garage and throw out things that I no longer needed. One of these things was my first Sony PlayStation.

It was the summer of 1995 and I had just graduated high school. It was my first time returning to Hong Kong since moving to the United States. As a graduation present, my father bought me a PlayStation. We had been through so much in those few years; I think I’ve mentioned on here before that my father and I didn’t always get along. For my frugal father, spending HKD$3,000.00 for a toy was a big deal.

The reason this was almost the original Sony PlayStation is that this was the second iteration of the system, the SCPH-3000. The first version was SCPH-1000. I bought one of these for my cousin. It had a black-shaded cardboard box, whereas my SCPH-3000 box was blue-shaded. The SCPH-1000 had a built in S-Video jack. Otherwise, the two systems were mostly identical. This was also back when electronics were actually made in Japan.

Serial Label

Original Box

I think around 2001, I poked around inside my SCPH-3000 and accidentally cut the ribbon cable that connected the CD-drive mechanism to the circuit board. Oops. Since that time, the inoperative PlayStation has been in storage, replaced in active service by the newly designed PSOne.

Being the sentimental person that I am, I took pictures of everything that I threw away. My logic is that if these items are sitting in boxes, they’re not really doing me any good, and it won’t hurt too much to toss them out. Better to take a picture and have it show up randomly in my desktop photo gadget so that I actually see and remember it, rather than out of sight, out of mind. Actually, I’m posting this now because I saw my old PlayStation in the slideshow.

I hope everyone enjoys this trip down memory lane.

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