Sunshine 60 Observatory, Final Thoughts on Ikebukuro

…continued from Sunshine Aquarium.

After a long day of viewing cats, fish, and pelicans, what better way is there to unwind than with a nice dinner and then a leisurely stroll on the 60th floor viewing 360 degrees of Tokyo? As the elevator from the basement shot upwards (and it really did shoot, going as fast as 400 meters per minute), the lights dimmed and the once-white walls and ceiling became dark. A black light turned on and the walls came alive with depictions of the zodiac signs and a sky full of stars. What an experience!

View from Above
From up here, we could see all the places we went to that day.

The night view was splendid, but of course we would have liked to have seen the daytime view as well. During the daytime, there is an additional open-air deck above the 60th floor that is open to the public. Since it was raining that day, it wouldn’t have done us much good to go out there anyway, so like the trains Blu-ray, it will have to wait until next time. For now, the brochure will have to suffice.

Sunshine City Observatory Brochure (Outside)
Sunshine City Observatory Brochure (Outside)
Sunshine City Observatory Brochure (Inside)
Sunshine City Observatory Brochure (Inside)

After we went back down, the mall was pretty deserted, and we realized that it was closing. We decided to go to one more place that was nearby, a Honda car dealership to see if they had any Honda Accords on display (the Honda Accord in Japan is equivalent to the Acura TSX in the United States). Unfortunately, no Accords were to be seen anywhere, but I was happy that I at least visited a Honda dealership and tried to view my beloved (ex) car. We took the M line back to the hotel and I snuck in a couple of photos of the empty train:

Empty Seats, End of the Line

Empty Car

Finally, I must have had too exciting of a day, because I could not fall asleep that night. I stayed up until 6:00 AM and used the opportunity to snap some photos of the dawn as viewed from our hotel room. I should have gone to the Tsukiji fish market, but again, that can happen next time.

Dawn Breaks
The beginning of the dawn.
Almost There
Almost there.
A New Day Has Arrived
End of a good day, beginning of a new one.

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