One Week Stream of Consciousness

We’ve been in Hong Kong just over a week now. Here are some of my current thoughts.

After all my time traveling, I still haven’t figured out the best way to pack. Maybe it’s because my mindset is always different: sometimes I think I’ll need something, and other times I think I won’t. But there are some essential items that I now find I cannot do without, so it’s best to write these down for future packing reference.


For shaving, I’ve always been a razor and cream type of guy. To the uninitiated, all razors must be alike. I mean, it’s just a blade, right? That’s what I thought, and I couldn’t be more wrong. I find that the Target disposable blades I’m using now irritate my face while providing a less-close shave. I have to double-back and shave the same area more than once, causing more irritation.

When I was packing, I did consider which blade to bring. Do I bring my Gillette Sensor Excel with some extra cartridges, or do I bring a couple of disposable Target ones, and throw them away when I’m done so I won’t have to carry them around? I realize now a serious flaw in my logic and thought process. How much is the weight of “carrying around” a single razor blade compared with the daily irritation of shaving with an inferior blade?!?! That’s the question I should have asked myself back then.

So then, the next question is, why don’t I just go to Wellcome or PARKnSHOP and buy me a new razor? Well, here’s another tidbit for the uninitiated: because Gillette razors are super expensive. Over the years, I’ve learned to ration my use of razor cartridges. Sound crazy? Go to the razor section at Costco and see for yourself.

Fix: shut up and shave, or pay up.

Paper (not portable computer) Notebook

Despite having my laptop and smartphone, I find that I still like to write notes down by hand. When I was at work, I would carry my notebook with me everywhere, and soon everyone else was doing the same thing. It’s just quicker and easier to jot something down versus having to type it into OneNote or Notepad or something. Maybe it’s easier now with tablets or phablets like the Samsung Galaxy Note, but I think I’ll stick with my notepad.

Easy fix: buy a notebook.

Big and Multiple Monitors

This happens every time I travel. I miss my multiple monitors. It’s so much easier for multitasking. When I’m doing my finances, I can have Excel on one monitor, and my browser on the other. It would be nice, even if I didn’t have a second monitor, to have a high resolution screen for the same purpose. Resizing windows (or, in Windows 7, Windows key+left/right arrow) is almost as convenient. Unfortunately, not many reasonably priced laptops have high resolution monitors currently (my laptop is 1366×768), so unless I want to lug around a 24-inch 1920×1200 LCD, I don’t have many options.

Fix: Hurry up and settle down, get a job, buy monitor(s).

Digital Movies

I think this market is one that the movie studios are really missing out on. Sometimes I’ll get the urge to watch an old movie that I have on my media server at home, but I won’t be able to because I haven’t copied it onto my laptop, and I can’t just walk into a store and buy the DVD because my laptop doesn’t have an optical drive. If I want to download the movie from Amazon, I’ll have to wait hours (actually, is that even possible? Streaming might be the only option). It would be so awesome if I could just walk into a movie store and buy a USB stick that has the movie loaded onto it already. Or, bring my own USB stick to a vending machine, pay the licensing fee, and then copy it onto my USB stick.

Alas, due to the greed of people (whether it’s the pirating consumer or the endless-profit-seeking movie studio), this will never happen. It’s like insurance. Buzzwords and terms from school come to mind: imperfect information, tragedy of the commons, etc.

Fix: Beyond my comprehension.

That’s all for today, more tomorrow on how America is still the best hope for mankind.

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