Good Morning

The first leg of our journey is complete. We are back in Hong Kong after spending 11 weeks in San Francisco. The trip was uneventful; the most exciting thing that happened was when I spilled whisky all over my behind. Otherwise, so far it has been pretty routine. We came in, ordered some takeout, and then went to sleep. Like clockwork, I’m once again up at 2 AM on my first night here.

Chinese Egg Noodles with Beef Tendon
My first meal in HK: Chinese Egg Noodles with Beef Tendon

My heart felt heavy as I said goodbye to my family, for the past weeks have been the first time in many years that we have actually lived together. For me, it was a little bit like going back in time. Sleeping in my room and hearing my mother and sister heading out to work in the morning, bickering with my sister over little things, hearing the sound of my mother playing video games, it wasn’t much different from when I used to live at home. Of course, it was also the first time that my wife lived with my family. I will leave it to the reader to imagine what the pleasure of living with the in-laws is like.

Despite the few natural conflicts that arose from being in such close proximity for so long, I will always remember this period fondly.

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