UPS Drop Boxes

The stupidity, laziness, and irresponsibility of people cannot be underestimated. Here I am trying to ship out my first UPS package as a “guest” without having to create an account, an option that was not available previously. I’m thinking to myself “oh, this is great, UPS opens themselves up to a lot more business this way, anyone can go online to prepare and send a package”. I’m feeling good and I’m happy that I don’t have to jump through hoops to do something simple.

I walk over to the drop-off location, drop off my USPS mail, and then try to open the UPS box. It won’t budge. I pull a little harder. Wait, what? There’s a package inside, stuck. A package that’s on the larger side, that common sense would dictate you not leave in a drop-off box.

So now, because of the selfishness and laziness of a fellow human, I and everyone else who wants to use that box won’t be able to use it. What can I say? This is the Valencia Corridor, bastion of hipsters and the “I” generation, where “I” comes first, where thinking of others does not even register (wouldn’t it be funny if it was an old lady who tried to stuff that box in there?).

I’ll save my thoughts on hipsters for another day. For now, I’m off to search for another drop-off location…