Second Week Recap

Two days into our 3rd week here in Hong Kong, let’s recap our second week.

At the end of the last recap, I had written that we would continue enjoying ourselves. Alas, I must have jinxed us, because we spent half the week bedridden with fever and flu. I thought I must have caught dengue fever from a mosquito bite a few days prior.

The day started off fine. Around lunchtime I started feeling weak, and when it was time to enjoy high tea with my family I was barely hanging on. When tea was finally over, it was a nightmare trying to get back to the hotel because people were just getting off work; the subway and buses were packed and taxis were few and far between. It was hot. When we finally did get a taxi, it was a Kowloon taxi whose driver took the long way back. I collapsed into bed and sweated it out.

Miraculously, the next morning my fever was gone and I was feeling pretty normal. I had thought that it was going to be like the last time I had a fever when I was out for days. We went to Stanley in southern Hong Kong to enjoy some fresh air, figuring it would be good for our compromised respiratory systems.

Fresh air, pristine water
These crabs certainly like it here

Well, it didn’t work because the next day we were both feeling weak and had to sign out after lunchtime again. We ended up staying in the whole weekend.

When we were well again, we visited my Granny two days in a row. At this point in her life, she is no longer able to care for herself and lives in a senior home. Dementia has taken its toll and she can sometimes be moody, but she is always happy to see me.

Hi Granny!

Because it takes over an hour to get back to our hotel from Granny’s home and taking the subway entails a lot of walking to and from the train, we tried some alternative modes of transportation. We tried two different buses that go to the ferry pier across the harbor from our hotel, and then took the ferry back to our hotel. It was the first time we’ve taken this particular ferry, and it was quite pleasant.

Watch out for traffic

Finally, the other highlight of the week is that we finally ate roast goose. Dip it in some plum sauce and then eat it with some rice, mmm!

Roast Goose

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