A Unique Opportunity


This thing we call life is a unique and rare opportunity. When I think about human life as compared with the age of the Earth or the age of the universe, I am amazed at the things we get to experience despite our insignificance. If we accept the Earth to be 4 billion years old, then my time on Earth is a fraction with 8 zeroes after the decimal point. If I remember my math right, that’s like comparing the width of a human hair with the height of Mount Everest. Insignificant indeed!

So, we are insignificant beings in the grand scheme of things, but by being alive we have the opportunity to experience so many great things. Imagine a photograph, an image of a moment in time captured in less than a second. You are in that photograph with your parents and siblings, and you are all smiling and happy. Think about how you felt at that very moment. As sentient beings we are able to replay that moment indefinitely in our minds, remembering how we felt, what we saw, even what we smelled.

A few minutes ago, I was sitting in this room, watching the sunset, feeling the breeze of the air conditioner blowing on me, reading previews of Euro 2012, and eating my dinner. I got to do all these things because I am alive. What a wonderful opportunity. What a moment to replay in the future.

In the past I have said that life is a joke. It is another perspective, and I would not say whether each perspective is right or wrong. Just like the universe, we are constantly changing as people, and as we are affected by external stimuli the way we see the world changes as well. Nonetheless, I think that if people maintained this idea that we are all insignificant, there just might be less conflict in the world, and everyone would get to enjoy this rare opportunity we call life.

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