Today’s Lunch

Today we tried eating at the Java Road Market across the street from our hotel. We’ve wanted to try it since the last time we were here but never got around to it; after seeing it on Anthony Bourdain’s the Layover, we made a point to go there this time.

The first floor is the wet market where stalls sell fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood. A place like this is probably where you’d want to buy groceries if you were local.

Once you’re on the second floor, the entire hall is lined with establishments vying for your patronage. Staffers greet and try to convince you to dine in their section.

We decided to try the one that had the most people. It didn’t hurt that the lady was very friendly as well. Two plates of rice and two drinks, $54, and quite good!

Curry beef brisket and tendon over rice:

BBQ pork and preserved/pickled vegetable omelette over rice:

Iced lemon tea, iced coffee:

This was just lunch, can’t wait to go for dinner!

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