One Week Recap

So, it’s been a week since we’ve arrived in Hong Kong. Here’s a recap of some of the things we’ve done.

We have gradually acclimated to the time change, waking up on our first morning at 2 AM, then 4, then 5, and this morning at 9. The timestamps on this blog are hardcoded to Pacific time, but if you do the math (+15 hours), you’ll find that some of the posts have been made just before the sun comes up.

12-18-13 Update: timestamps are now in local time for historical accuracy.

Empty Streets

In the early morn, the streets are quiet and empty

The Sun is Coming

Just before sunrise

The Sun is Here

20 minutes later

We have spent a lot of time with family, both living and dead. Last Friday we went to visit my aunt in her final resting place, a columbarium located up on a peaceful and quiet hillside. We burned offerings of incense, currency, and clothing, and also shared a McDonald’s meal, one of her favorites. It’s pretty nice up there, and I’d be so lucky to stay there when I’m dead.

Wild Bananas

Wild bananas in the jungle on the way up the hill


A pagoda and temple complex in the distance


The city seems so far away from up here

Burning Offerings

Burning offerings to my dearly departed aunt


Another one of the beautiful sights on the way up

Speaking of meals, we have been eating at various restaurants, as well as eating many times at one of my favorite restaurants. We’ve stayed in and eaten stuff we bought from the supermarket. We’ve even had a home-cooked meal, thanks to my aunt and uncle. Below are just some samples of what we’ve had. Be sure to check out the food galleries for more.

Minute Steak Breakfast

By far we’ve eaten at Cafe de Coral the most

Cup Noodles

Cup noodles have their place when you don’t feel like going out




Can’t eat out too much, gotta have some homecookin’ once in awhile

Razor Clams

Razor Clams in Black Bean Sauce

Cafe Sua Da

Cafe Sua Da, made with Trung Nguyen no less

We have definitely stayed in our hotel a lot. As I said before, we’re not really tourists anymore, and we get tired walking around in the heat and humidity and the big crowds. We’re trying to live it like it’s going to be when we settle here, live it like it was when we were at home in Oakland, live like the homebodies that we are. I have said so many times before; all I need is my laptop and an internet connection. Well, I have that here, and I have air conditioning, and I have a pretty good view of what’s going on outside. Have a look:


A view of the sunset from our hotel room

Sunset = Traffic

Sunset means end of workday, which means traffic

Cold Fog

It looks like a cold fog, but it’s actually hot outside

The Dog Days of Pre-Summer

The dog days of pre-summer

Towering Menace

The ICC towers above all in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a beautiful place. When I look at the sunset behind the skyscrapers, I let out a sigh at how beautiful it looks. When I see the ferries, boats, and ships slowly cruising across the harbor, I feel completely at ease. Like everywhere else, however, Hong Kong has its downsides. Pollution. Crowds. Weather. Eventually, it’s going to be a matter of deciding which downsides we can live with, and which upsides we can’t live without. For now, it’s only been a week, and we’re going to continue enjoying ourselves.

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