How I Enjoyed Life This Weekend

I tried to enjoy life as much as possible this weekend, considering the busy week I had. Here are some of the things I did to maximize my life enjoyment:

  • Eat at Vien Huong, or “VH”, one of my favorite restaurants in Oakland Chinatown. I enjoyed a “Chow Jew” rice noodle, which consists of rice noodle, marinated pork, a single pork meatball, two fish balls, pork slices, two pieces of pork kidney, and two shrimps. I also had a coffee to go with it. Heaven.
  • Make a spirited run through the Berkeley Hills in my Acura TSX. The route from Memorial Stadium, through Grizzly Peak, to Fish Ranch and then 24 is one of my favorite roads to drive. The fear of flying off the road and down a mountain while speeding around the curves in second gear makes me feel ALIVE!!!
  • Enjoy a man’s night in. With the wife out to a party, I bought myself a bag of Jalapeno Cheetos, a ribeye steak, and a 6-pack of Sing Tao Draft Beer. Imagine drinking an ice cold beer while eating Jalapeno Cheetos and watching the movie “Spy Game”. Then, after getting hungry again, drinking a second beer while frying a Montreal-seasoned ribeye steak and then eating that steak while continuing to watch the movie. Argh!

Drink Water, Brush Teeth

Drink Water, Brush Teeth

In 2007 I traveled to Hong Kong, Vancouver, and Hawaii. Afterwards, I kept my toothbrush to commemorate the year.

As can be seen in the photo, I got this water bottle from my Grandparents’ basement in Vancouver. That’s where they kept all the heavy Costco items, including the cases of Nestle Pure Life water.