Transformers Decepticon Combiner – Devastator

Devastator, the Decepticon combiner formed by the six Constructicons, is one of the few toys that I brought with me from Hong Kong. It is a toy that is now over 20 years old, and I’d say it’s held up pretty well over the years. Other than the fact that it is 20+ years old, another reason that it is valuable to me is that I had to collect each Constructicon one at a time. Not all stores had all Constructicons, with some being more common than others. Before I collected them all, I remember combing through the displays at the stores to see if I could “build” out Devastator (not that my parents would let me buy all six at once). Most of the time, I was unable to find them all. It was definitely awesome to finally find the last one and complete the set.

Below you will find some photos that were taken earlier this year (2011). I don’t know if I will disassemble Devastator to photograph the individual Constructicons. For now, enjoy Devastator!





Complaints About Google, Jump Lists

A couple of complaints and resolutions today:

First, Google doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to. Sometimes I input a term that Google thinks is misspelled, and it automatically shows me results for the corrected word.

To fix, use quotation marks around the word to identify to Google that this is a literal search.

Second, regarding Windows 7 jump lists:

Every so often, a jump list becomes corrupted. Items that you’ve pinned no longer appear, and you will not be able to pin any new items. There is no fix that I have found other than obliterating the jump list and starting over. Luckily, items in jump lists reside in files, and you can back up these files on a regular basis so that when a jump list does become corrupt, you can restore it from backup.

Not so luckily, the jump lists all have some crazy names. A couple that I have identified are:

Excel 2003 jump list – 75d01b5b7df0d177
Acrobat 8 jump list – 6807f6e0bc8d4ca7

The place to find these files: %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations

Be sure not to accidentally back up a corrupted jump list, or else it will be too late!

Update: Microsoft now has a hotfix for this issue.


I want to write this down for historical purposes. I was just digging around some old files of mine, from the days when my primary PC was an 80386. One of the files in the root directory was called BONE with a timestamp of June 15, 1996, 10:43 PM. I remember downloading this file on that evening. My family was preparing to fly to Hong Kong for the summer, and the NBA Finals between the Bulls and the Sonics was going on. I was getting in some last minute web surfing (on 14.4k dialup, of course), and I found the lyrics to a popular song at the time, “Crossroads” by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. Due to the last minute nature of my surfing, I hastily saved the file in the root directory, and it’s been there to this day.

My 386 is no longer operational, but I still have mirrors of the original files and folder structure on the two 40 megabyte hard drives that I had.

Ah, memories!


It’s been awhile since I’ve kept track of my days and written down my thoughts and feelings. Perhaps that is why I have been feeling pessimistically about life. After not writing myself in such a long time, it feels a little strange, like trying to write a letter to someone that you have lost touch with. I feel a little hesitant about revealing my thoughts.

Lately I have been feeling unhealthy. I am still in my early thirties, but it won’t be long until I’m in my mid thirties. When I was in my 20s, I looked down upon some of the thirty-something guys that I played basketball with. They looked pudgy and loose, and I often commented that I would not be like them when I was their age. Well, here I am, and I have become like them. Whether it is being busy with work and not finding time to exercise, or being stressed at work and de-stressing in unhealthy ways, I have allowed myself to become what I did not want to become. At dinner time, I eat until I am full, and then I continue to eat, deriving some sort of pseudo-pleasure from it. I guess what I’m trying to do here is to write about it so that I will remember how bad it feels when I overeat, and when I look in the mirror.

Tomorrow, there will be a company lunch to bid goodbye to a colleague. I will try not to overindulge. Good night.