So much food in front of me, it looks so good!
One bite after another, filling my stomach.
Stomach is full but the plate is not cleared,
Keep going keep going keep going…

Food is all gone but is it really?
Still in my stomach it is.
Enjoyed the beginning but now is just torture,
Would have been happier to leave it not cleared.

Oh why, oh why, why did I have to overeat?

Up Late

I love staying up late. The late night world is so much different from the daytime world. It is quiet and peaceful, and time seems to stand still. I eat a late night meal. I do the dishes, and clean the kitchen. I hear the rubber-to-asphalt sound of the occasional car passing by.

It’s very interesting, my staying up late. It seems that no matter how hard I try to sleep and wake up early, I eventually revert to staying up into the early morning hours. I mentioned in my previous post that I stopped working for three years. Although at the time I felt shame for not working, I sometimes look back at those times with fondness. Those were times when I would stay up late all the time and watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. Lupin the 3rd, to be specific. Sometimes I would drive out to Jack in the Box to get myself a late night meal to enjoy while watching the show. Afterwards, I would play Star Trek: Armada II until the wee morning hours. Ah, those were the days.

Tonight, I am reliving a little bit of that time. Something else which brings me comfort is knowing that my loved ones are soundly asleep. Back then, it was my mother and sister. Now, it is my wife. Somehow, by staying awake, I feel like I am protecting them. I feel very happy that they are around me. I think about them while I do the dishes.

Today I looked at airfare and hotel for 3 weeks of travel to Hong Kong. The cheapest fare was $3,000.00. Ouch. The past few years I have been returning to Hong Kong in the summer, but perhaps I will not do so this time around. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.

That’s all for now. See you later.

Gran Turismo 5 Update

Now 3 weeks since the last update. It’s been more of the same: either win a race by a large margin, or repeatedly lose a race by a large margin until I have enough money to purchase a car that can win the race by a large margin. Actually, it’s been this way since my days of playing Gran Turismo 2. I would say that was my heyday as a GT player, when I got the most enjoyment out of playing the game. Obviously I’m a lot older now, and I don’t have as much time to play. I still enjoy the game, but it’s not the same as it was back then.

Gran Turismo 5 - Racing on the Fuji Speedway F
Racing on the Fuji Speedway F

I’m not even going to bother listing times anymore, but I will list the races that I have completed:

Japanese Championship
Schwarzwald League B
Euro Championship
Polyphony Digital Cup
Gallardo Trophy

And I’m now starting on Gran Turismo All Stars.

If I recall correctly, I also unlocked the Extreme Series of races. I look forward to the endurance races.


2009 Acura TSX

This is the first car that I have ever completely financed by myself. It’s also the first “sporty” car that I have driven, and the first car that I have modified. Modifications include 19-inch Enkei GTC01 wheels and Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs. In the few years that I have owned this car, I have learned a tremendous amount of automotive knowledge. If I ever decide to change careers, I will strongly consider becoming an automotive mechanic.

2009 Acura TSX
I really like the rear end of this car.
2009 Acura TSX
The side of the car, zoomed in from a distance.
2009 Acura TSX
Up close and personal.
2009 Acura TSX
A night shot with a freight train rolling by.
2009 Acura TSX
Another night shot. One of my favorite photos.
2009 Acura TSX
When the car had a carbon fiber grille as an alternative to the chrome one.
2009 Acura TSX
Highlighting the Enkei GTC01 wheel.
2009 Acura TSX
A closer look at the weaves of the carbon fiber grille.
2009 Acura TSX
Trying to capture the paint after a detail.
2009 Acura TSX
Acura. Advance.
2009 Acura TSX
A closer look of the front.
2009 Acura TSX
A closer look of the back.
2009 Acura TSX
And the full length.
2009 Acura TSX
The Golden Gate Bridge and a container ship at dusk. One of my favorite photos.
2009 Acura TSX
View of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge from Treasure Island.
2009 Acura TSX
With the Bay Bridge in the background.