The past 4 days I have been in Seattle for a software training. Being away from my normal life has reminded me of just how good my life is. Basic things like sleeping in my own bed, driving my own car, using fast Internet, playing PS3 games, working at a large desk, and eating home cooking were all things that I missed while I was in Seattle.

I always try to remind myself of how fortunate I am to have the things that I have, but sometimes thinking is not the same as doing, and the things that you have must now and again be taken away from you before you truly feel just how empty your life is without them.

Some other things that I’ll be happy to have again:

  • A computer screen bigger than 12.1 inches
  • A computer desktop larger than 1280×800
  • My own bathroom
  • Wearing clothes from my regular wardrobe as opposed to wearing business attire
  • Waking up when I am rested instead of at a designated time

I’m on the plane now, but when I am back home uploading this post I will be glad and I will once again feel what it is like to truly appreciate something.