October 24, 2005

I received my Cingular bill today, and the bill was 20 dollars more than it usually is. MMODE was somehow added to my account without my knowledge. I call Cingular, and they tell me that someone must have called in to add the feature. I know I didn’t call in, so I asked them if it was possible that they had a computer error. They were adamant about their computers not malfunctioning. Curiously, while attempting to remove the charge, they kept apologizing to me for the delay due to their having computer problems. Frickin’ hilarious. They wouldn’t even acknowledge the possibility of a computer glitch, even though they seem to have computer glitches every time you call them. Even more hilarious is the Cingular lady repeating “I’d be more than happy to help you” even though she sounded like she was in labor with all that heavy breathing. I just love these peons and I’m glad I’m not working there.

Dear Reader

Someone recently sent me an email regarding a problem they were having. It was a really, really long email and I was saving it for later to read, but alas, Yahoo deleted it for me. I remember the sender being from England and having a problem with his Pentium 4 computer. So, dear reader, if you happen to chance upon this update and still have your original email, please send it again (if you haven’t solved the problem already, of course). Thank you for taking the time to write and please accept my apologies.