Site Update 4-30-02

I have finished the second article on this site, a guide on installing Microsoft Network Client 3.0. This time, it only took me a week. I’m making progress! I believe it will only get easier as I go on, once I get used to everything. I do not know how to use any HTML editing tools, nor do I know HTML, for that matter, so getting the format of the site right can be challenging at times. Maybe in the future, I’ll learn how to use FrontPage. For now, this site is powered by Microsoft Windows Notepad. Also, I still need a better title for this site. I’ve also added a disclaimer at the bottom.

Disclaimer: All articles written on this site are based on my own experiences only. They are not meant to be comprehensive or as a “final word.” Please do not consider them as such. If you are using them in a mission-critical environment, I take no responsibility if you hose your network or system. ALWAYS TEST before you implement new systems in a mission-critical environment. All articles copyright 2002 and 2004 by Jonathan Young. Not responsible for death or injury resulting from reading, following, or implementing any of the articles and/or essays on this site.

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