December 15, 2000

Time is going by so fast. Just like that it`s Christmas again. Well, just want to wish you all a happy Christmas. I know I will. =)

Now, on to other things. Let`s see, a few posts back, I mentioned that I wasn’t sure if I liked someone. Well, I realized that I was just thinking too much. Besides, usually if you have to ask yes or no, then the answer is no. It`s just that I had a good time and sometimes it would be nice to have someone. At the same time, it`s wrong to play with someone just because you’re lonely. Wouldn’t you much rather wait for that right person? Sometimes though, I think I`m too idealistic. There are times when it’s better to be realistic. So yeah, I don’t like that girl. She’s just a good friend. Well I am in a talkative mood tonight. I finished what I had to say, but I still wanna talk! haha This is completely nerdy, but I just wanted to say that today I tried to overclock my 700Mhz Duron to a 1Ghz one but I could only manage 950Mhz at 1.85 volts. Previously I had 900 at 1.7 volts, but I figured that since I was taking a risk anyways, why not go all the way? Well, 950 at 1.85 is stable, so that’s cool. I can`t wait until I get a job, so I can finally buy all the stuff I want. Remember though, to be content with what you have. It’s good to want stuff, but don`t overdo it.

December 12, 2000

The miracle of life… man, it`s unbelievable how it seems like a baby just pops out of nowhere. It`s so amazing… 2 people getting together, and creating a brand new life. It just seems like it comes from out of the blue, like all of a sudden, and there`s another person on this earth. I can`t wait until the day when my future wife has a baby. It`s gonna be so cool! haha

Yeah I know that seemed kinda random, but then again, this *is* the random thoughts page. It`s just that I was watching Star Trek and a baby was born on the show. Got me thinking. See ya!

December 10, 2000

At first, there was all this stuff I wanted to write, but after I finished modifying my page I forgot what I wanted to say. Luckily or not, I`ve remembered some of it. It`s just that lately there`s been someone in my life who makes me really, really happy. I don`t know, how do you know when you like/love someone? I feel so comfortable with this person and yet I know that it would never work between us because of our differences. At the same time, I`ve heard that if you truly love someone, you accept them for who they are and accept the not-so-pleasant side of them. I had always thought of this person as a friend, and it just seemed like that all of a sudden it felt like more than friends. Aiya, I don`t even know what I`m trying to say anymore. All I know is that I have to be patient and wait until I know for sure how I feel.

December 3, 2000

Well, it’s true. AA does limit the amount of text you can put for your personal message. Great, what if my personal message is a novel? It’s okay, I was actually inspired by chinese_fairy and now I’ll put my older random thoughts on my personal webpage, located here. I refrained from posting the address here before coz I didn’t want to confuse people, but since AA limits my space I have no alternative. Hope you enjoy!