November 20, 2000

I am a very lucky person. When I am thirsty, all I have to do is open my fridge and there will be a nice cold drink inside. When I am hungry, I`ll find that the fridge is always stocked, and even if it`s not, that I can simply walk down the street and buy some food to eat. If I want to know what time it is, I can look at my watch. These things I want to thank my mother for. She has always been there for us no matter what. Today is her birthday, and I want to buy her flowers and cook her dinner. I am grateful for all the things I have. I feel so lucky sometimes.

November 18, 2000

I think it’s cool how I can just say whatever I’m thinking and somebody might stumble onto it. I wonder if people actually read all this stuff? hehe Well if you do I hope you don’t get bored! haha Yup, all you 219 people who’ve come here!

Someday I would like to visit the British Museum. I want to see all the stuff they took from Tibet and China in the early 20th century. History really fascinates me and it would be so cool to take a picture with a sacred scroll or a statue, or maybe even a mummy! Now you know why my screen name is Nerd_Jonathan. =P

November 17, 2000

You can talk all you want, but unless you take action, nothing is going to happen. Just like, if somebody brags a lot, thinks he`s all that, just stop and think, and take a look at him. He`s got nothing, just a bunch of words. Real successful people are good at what they do and they don`t flaunt it. Losers know who they are so they just keep talking to try and hide that fact from you. My goodness.

November 14, 2000

When somebody says they`ll call but they don`t, that`s a total diss. However, I usually don`t think much of it the first couple of times. But then, it keeps happening, and they act like they don`t even know that they said they`d call. Then, I say, “see ya later”, I really don`t need to be wasting my time on you. Don`t be saying stuff you`re not going to do.

November 1st, 2000

You know what, sometimes you try to be nice, polite, and civilized, and it just doesn`t work. I`m the type of person who`s always telling myself not to get involved with this or that, because it will just make me look bad… but sometimes you just gotta jump in there and kick some ass, without caring what people will think or say. It`s like, you think that cussing them out will make you look like some scum off the street… but sometimes you just gotta do it. I`m just a human being, not a god. I shouldn`t be so nice all the time.