October 22nd, 2000

My True Love: One time, I had a dream and in this dream, I was with my dream girl, and it was the best feeling in the world. It wasn’t as much as feeling any sort of “tangible” love, but more like feeling at peace and content. I felt so calm. *She* made me feel so calm. I want my girlfriend to also be my friend, we can do things together, play ball, talk shit at each other, play-fight, give each other hugs, cuddle, make love, have deep and captivating conversations, watch basketball on tv, cook dinner together, laugh together, cry together, be there for each other. Basically I want someone who’s just like me. I`d treat her in exactly the way I`d like to be treated. I wonder if this may appear selfish. I wonder if anyone has the same wishes as me? If there is, I hope that I find her one day. Oh, and I want her to be beautiful. I can’t describe it, since only I can tell if she’s beautiful or not. But I want her to be beautiful.