August 24th, 2000

How do you become more tolerant towards others? Sometimes, I get upset at people because they don`t know something. I try to remember that it`s not their fault that they don`t know, it`s just that they don`t know. I realize that I don`t know everything that other people know, so why do I expect other people to know everything I know? It would suck for me if somebody who knew more about something than I did made fun of me or pointed insults at me. And yet, I still do, and think, those things. Especially to my sister. Maybe I get worked up about my sister because I don`t want her to be stupid. Why can`t I just accept her for who she is? I guess the solution is inside me. I just have to listen to myself and be more tolerant of others.

August 5th, 2000

Today I watched Michael Jordan to the Max, you know, that IMAX movie about him. It`s amazing to me how a person can become so great. He`s a great role model. He`s the perfect example of what hard work and determination can give you, and others around you.

Since I am giving credit to someone who deserves it, I just want to say that I know some people who will *never* ever give credit when it`s due. I guess there have been times when those people influenced me, and I wouldn`t give certain people the credit they deserved, for a stupid reason like “I don`t like them”. Well, I think people have to remember that nobody`s perfect, that we all make mistakes, and you shouldn`t judge people based on their sole mistake, because afterall, one day the person who is shunned for a mistake may be you.

On to other things, sometimes a person can really, really like or love you, and you still won`t feel anything for them. People will ask you, “Aren`t you touched?” or “Why don`t you give her a chance?” I`ve questioned what I`ve done many times, but now I know that sometimes you can`t force yourself to love someone back. Being touched by someone and loving someone are different things… or are they? Everything has two sides, maybe we just have to look at the brighter side.

I know why I`m so sentimental tonight. It`s that stupid Hong Kong soap opera I watched. You know, the ones with the big-time drama and the intricate love stories where the two lovey-dovey people always just barely miss each other on the street and don`t realize how much they love each other until the end. Blah. =P hehe It`s a good way to pass the time, but look at me, now I`m all worked up.

August 2nd, 2000

Holy shit, “What Lies Beneath” is a hellllla scary-ass movie!!!!!!!! It`s scary from beginning to end. I`m still shaking!!!!!

Okay, now that I`ve stopped shaking, just want to clarify something, since some people have asked me… yes I wrote that poem up there, and it`s called “Crush.” And no, I didn`t write that stuff about life… but a lot of it makes sense. I wish I knew who wrote it, but unfortunately I don`t, so whoever you are, I give you props.