I see you everyday,
That smile on your face,
Every time you walk my way,
My heart starts to pace,

I know I’m in luck
But my body won’t listen,
Standing here dumbstruck,
I see the chance I’m missin’,

Your hair so fair and you standing there,
I can’t walk and I can’t talk but at least I can stare,
You notice me staring and turn your eyes away,
Little do you know that you’ve just made my day,

To be able to hold you in my arms, I wish,
To be able to say goodnight, and kiss,
To approach you and talk to you, I’m shy,
To be a coward and stand where I am, I ask myself why?

It’s alright though I’ll see you again,
I’ll work on my courage and ask you out then,
But for now I’ll sit here patiently with no rush,
Waiting for the next time I see my crush.