No title for now

(Try reading out loud)

I lay down in my bed,
And try to close my eyes,
But pictures of you in my head,
I look up at the sky…

The sky so dark with a bright shiny moon,
How I wish to be, to be with you soon,
I never knew I’d feel like this,
Never knew you’d be the one I miss,
Now that you’re gone I’ll never sleep,
I try not to cry but I can’t help but weep,

When you were here I never cared,
When you went away I wasn’t prepared,
I wish I could tell you the feelings in my heart,
Why is it that I can only tell you when we’re apart,
That you’re the one I’ll want forever,
That you’re the one I’ll always treasure,

In the end I know that it’s too late,
That I squandered my chance and sealed my fate,
I regret what I’ve done and I want you to know,
I want you to know that I’m sorry so.

No title

Thinkin’ bout the times we had,
Makes me feel all lonely and sad,
Thinkin’ of a wish that I could make,
I think of a wish to make my heart unbreak.

As I sit here alone, the candle burning bright,
My mind recalls your touching light,
You and me we made it right,
Together again, I wish we might.

Away you went leaving me alone,
We never reaped the seeds we’d sown,
Our love it wilted like a dying flower,
The pain in my heart grows more with each hour.

It’s too late now forever you’re gone,
Somehow I know I’ll have to go on,
And yet I feel a tug at my heart,
For I never thought that we would part.