Our Second Poem

We broke up, thinking it was right,
Then tell me why I can’t sleep at night,
I thought we’d be better being apart,
But now I can feel it in my heart,

It keeps tugging at me to tell you,
That you’re on my mind and I miss you,
But I don’t and I can’t coz I fear what will happen,
We’ll fight and we’ll argue and I’ll be saddened,

Not like I’m not already sad,
I just sit here and think of what we had,
I want to cry and expunge my sorrow,
Maybe I’ll feel better come tomorrow,

But if I see you then I know,
That the pain in my heart will even more grow,
Coz I know it’s you I really want,
And it hurts imagining how you no longer want,

Me my love my heart nor my affection,
I know I tried too hard to gain perfection,
I wish you’d tell me that you forgive me,
And that you too wish you could be back with me,

But I don’t know how to end this rhyme,
I could go on ’til the end of time,
About how I miss my baby and her touch,
And how I love her oh so much,
I’ll break the trend and add more lines,
And finish this poem with a great big sigh.