My Music Tastes

Sammi Cheng - 放不低

This is the cover of one of my most favorite albums, Can’t Let Go by Sammi Cheng. It is also my first Sammi album. I used to be a very big Sammi fan, but not as much now. As for chinese singers, I like Jacky Cheung, Nicholas Tse, Faye Wong, Kelly Chan, in addition to Sammi. Of course I am open minded to anything that sounds good. For example, I like a couple of songs by Joey Yong and Eason Chan.

As for English/American music, I am open to all types as well. Lately I haven’t been listening to the radio so I don’t know what’s new. I used to be a big r&b/hiphop fan, but I’ve noticed that I haven’t listened to my r&b CDs in a long time. It’s probably because I’m single. 😉 Well, you know, r&b songs *are* mostly love songs. I used to *love* rap, but now I think it’s childish. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still bob my head to a good song. As for English artists, I like the Beatles, the Stylistics, and others.

Besides Cantonese/Mandarin music, lately I’ve been listening to a lot of trance music. I bought this “Best of Rave Party” CD and it’s all trance. I’ve never been to a rave, but after listening to a CD, I think it might be worth going.

– Jonathan