Most Annoying People


I say sheeit, these people must be hella stoopid or something… I want to beat the crap outta them just for being dumb. Oh well, guess I can’t be getting mad at people for lacking brain cells…

  1. People who walk in front of you and all of a sudden they turn around or stop and you have to make a quick move to avoid them.
  2. People who like to stand in a doorway or stairway and get in the way of the entire world. Example: Stupid retards who stand in the exit-way after a crowded lecture.
  3. People who try to be someone they’re not. Example 1: Those fake-ass wannabe gangstas and fratboys. Example 2: Those people who pretend they’re black or some other race they’re not.
  4. People who think they’re bad-ass.
  5. Insensitive and inconsiderate people who make so much noise when you’re trying to sleep that you get so mad you want to get up and chew their ass out but you can’t coz you’re all snuggled in already.
  6. People who sit behind you in class and shake their fat leg and make you think there’s an earthquake.
  7. People who think they’re always right (i.e. someone who never admits wrong).
  8. People who use that plate you washed last night so could use it this morning but now you can’t because that fool used it.
  9. People who are so lazy that it affects you and makes you want to kick their ass.
  10. People who lie.
  11. People who pretend to be all friendly and run up to you to give you a hug but really they’re running up to you to give you one of those far-away cheap-ass fake-ass “hugs”.
  12. People who don’t take responsibility for what they did do.
  13. People who take responsibility for what they didn’t do.
  14. People who write the answers next to the questions in the textbooks and mess you up coz now you can’t work out the problem on your own.
  15. People who don’t pick up after themselves.

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