My Eyes, His Eyes

I wonder what it’s like, seeing through his eyes;
Is there a struggle, can he hear me.
I had a thought, I pryed open his eyes,
And even though he couldn’t see me, he saw me.

Then he struggled, and my heart jumped.
He tried to talk, but wait;
Why can’t I talk?
I keep trying but my lips do not respond.

What about my hands; I want to move my hands.
Why can’t I move my hands.
I have to;
I just have to.

A tear falls from his eyes, for he knows he is helpless.
The word is a cacophony in his mind.
But that tear, a lifetime of words, in a second of time.

When it falls, it falls.

I feel such pain.
I have tried so hard.
He is leaving. He is leaving.

Come back.
There is something I need to tell you.

He lies there,
In my eyes, in his eyes.