Sometimes when I feel really bad,
All I have to do is think of the good times we’ve had,
And a light will shine down on me,
Easing my mind and setting me free.

That light relieves my worry and hesitation,
Gives me strength again, my regeneration,
Gently it guides me back on my path,
And allows me to fear not my frustration’s wrath.

If I gave this light a name then what would it be?
Why, it’d be faith of course, cannot you see?
The word that defines trust and belief,
Not pain nor worry nor anger nor grief.

It is faith which allows me to go on,
Reminding me that this journey is one quite long,
That even when my love’s away,
The time will come when I see her again.

So with faith in mind I live each day,
Knowing that someone out there
feels the same way,
And that someone out there I know I should trust,
The reason being I have faith in us.