I first met Judy when I attended summer school two years ago. The minute I saw her face I was in love with her. Judy had the most striking eyes; they would penetrate mine and make me feel vulnerable. I liked that. I asked her out on a first date and she agreed. The date went fantastically. We had a candlelight dinner, watched a movie, and took a stroll in the park. The date was like a fairy tale come true. I walked her to her door, and we bid each other goodbye. She asked me if I wanted to kiss. I responded by pulling her lips onto mine. The kiss was beautiful. I never felt anything like it. At that moment, a thought occurred to me. I thought that maybe Judy wanted to have sex. So, I asked her. She looked me in the eye. Tears were starting to fall from her beautiful eyes. “I knew it! You guys all look for the same thing. I never should have gone out with you,” she cried. I was terrified. I knew that our relationship could possibly end right then and there. I tried to comfort her, but it was no use. She opened her front door and slammed it in my face. That was the end of our date.

The next day I saw Judy at school. I said “hi” to her but she ignored me. Our teacher had decided to split the class up into groups that day, and I was assigned to be Judy’s partner. What luck, I thought. I slowly walked over to sit next to her. She didn’t say a word. I started doing all the work myself, because Judy was just sitting there. Our teacher noticed that and asked her why she wasn’t participating. There was a terrible silence. Suddenly, Judy burst into tears and ran out of the classroom. The teacher looked at me and asked me if I knew what was wrong. I dared not tell her. I asked to go to the bathroom and maybe see if I could talk to Judy. Judy was sitting in the hall, her arms cradling her head. She was crying. I sat down next to her. I begged her not to cry. She finally spoke to me. “I trusted you. But you defied that trust. How could you? I really liked you.” I didn’t know what to say. So stupidly, I asked her why she didn’t have sex with me if she liked me. This time I had really done it. She screamed in her loudest voice and slapped me in the face. Then she walked away.

I returned to the classroom, silent. Judy later came back, too. She pretended like nothing had happened. The only difference now was that she didn’t speak to me. I knew that I had lost her forever. We finished our group work silently. That was the last thing that we ever did together. When I look back on what happened today, this question crosses my mind: how could I have been so stupid to assume that a little kiss could give me the right to ask for sex? I am mature enough now to ask myself that question. And I am also mature enough now to know that I lost something that can never be replaced. Judy.