The Cloud of Thoughts

A cloud is drifting over my head,
As I lie on my green grass bed,
As it drifts, so do I,
To a far away land I will fly.

I open my eyes and what do I see,
I see things that fill me with glee,
These gleeful things, what could they be
But thoughts that only I could see.

These spirits of my mind float about,
Waiting for me to find a route,
That would make these thoughts come true,
Here I come spirits, I’m coming through!

When I wake up I have this urge,
A sort of energy surge,
That makes me want to jump right up,
And fill my mind that’s like a cup.

So if you ever lie on grass,
Think of me and try to grasp,
That cloud of dreams, that cloud of thoughts,
And fulfill the dream that you have sought.