Wing Wah Phở Gà - December 22, 2016
Lots of delicious chicken this time

I have been trying to go to Wing Wah Phở Gà for quite some time now, because for one reason or another (vacation, health inspection, ???) it always happens to be closed when I try to go. Last week, I finally caught it on a day that it was open. It was late in the afternoon, and I was the only one there. Is that why there was noticeably more chicken than last time? I don’t know, but it was a really hearty meal, and even better when paired with an iced coffee. The minced ginger-scallion dip that went with the chicken was marvelous as well. A great meal to remember. Enjoy!

德昌魚蛋粉 (Duck Cheung Fishball Noodles)

德昌魚蛋粉 – January 7, 2010

Was sorting through some old photos when I chanced upon this one, a bowl of fishball noodles from 德昌, in our old neighborhood of North Point. I don’t exactly remember the first time we went there, but I want to say 2008. Ever since that first time, we’ve gone pretty regularly throughout the years.

Looking at this photo, I think of the soft, slippery noodles floating in the fish broth. The first sip of soup is especially satisfying after the anticipation of the meal. I like to pair it with an iced tea, either lemon or milk. If I remember correctly, this particular combo is under HKD$40, or about USD$5.00. What a deal.

I hope I get a chance to enjoy it again.

Cafe de Coral Coupon: Free Coke with Curry (2013)

My mom gave me this coupon shortly after we moved to Hong Kong. I kept it in one of those multi-level plastic drawers, and when we started packing for the move back to the US I indiscriminately stuffed everything in that drawer into one of the boxes bound for a shipping container (I didn’t want to spend time going through everything, and luckily our flat was small enough that we could fit most of our things into just over a dozen boxes). Once we got back to the US, I put this coupon into the multi-level plastic drawer that I had in my room here. In total it has been more than three years, and now I’ve finally scanned and trashed it.

I don’t know why I never used the coupon. I actually love Cafe de Coral curry. Perhaps it is because I prefer iced milk tea over Coke when I’m getting HK-style curry.

Cafe de Coral Coupon: Free Coke with Curry