Right Now, #2

I couldn’t sleep tonight so I came outside to type some stuff on my laptop. Earlier, when I was waiting outside for the dog to finish his business, I looked up at the moon hanging low near the southern horizon. In the distance, I could hear a bird doing a whistling routine, a mix of … Continue reading “Right Now, #2”

What You Should Be Doing, Part 2

Resuming from last night, I had been saying that I felt like a loser for living at home and not having a job, and that if I stopped to think for a second I’d realize that I have no reason to feel this way at all. So, let’s stop to think for a second… I … Continue reading “What You Should Be Doing, Part 2”

Saying Goodbye to Two Old Friends

I recently had to say goodbye to a couple of old friends. This post is dedicated to them. I bought my first car in September of 2008. I’ll never forget the date, September 13, 2008, about a month before my birthday. Prior to this date, my mind was fixed in that I only spent money … Continue reading “Saying Goodbye to Two Old Friends”

SF Bay Area Food Prices

7-7-15: The Hong Kong Food Prices page was pretty useful so I think I’ll do it for the US, too (most of the prices will be taken from the SF Bay Area). We’ll see where this goes… Also see: SF Bay Area Household Item Prices Update 7-12-15: prices will include tax and CRV if applicable. … Continue reading “SF Bay Area Food Prices”

Trekking Through Occupied Hong Kong

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 With JC out of town and today being a holiday here in Hong Kong, I have nothing better to do so I decide to do a little hike around town and check out some of the Occupy hotspots. First up, King’s Road here in North Point: I may have posted a … Continue reading “Trekking Through Occupied Hong Kong”

Hong Kong Food Prices

With so many available choices in such a small amount of space, it can be difficult trying to keep track of which store sells what and at what price. I’m also interested in keeping track of price increases. This page will keep track of prices for some of my favorite food items. All items are … Continue reading “Hong Kong Food Prices”

One Week Recap

So, it’s been a week since we’ve arrived in Hong Kong. Here’s a recap of some of the things we’ve done. We have gradually acclimated to the time change, waking up on our first morning at 2 AM, then 4, then 5, and this morning at 9. The timestamps on this blog are hardcoded to … Continue reading “One Week Recap”