Sega Master System II 1990 Catalog/Poster

This Sunday afternoon museum post features a colorful Sega Master System II poster and game lineup from 1990. Chances are that this poster came inside a game, but I don’t think I can say which one with any accuracy. Somehow, I want to say Alex Kidd in Shinobi World since that was one of the later games I acquired for the SMS.

There were a number of mistakes and/or liberties taken with the screenshots appearing on this poster. Both Columns and Mickey Mouse appear to be showing the Genesis versions of the game (perhaps a miscommunication between the marketing department and the truth department?), Wonder Boy III appears to be showing a reversed photo of the original Wonder Boy, both Alex Kidd in Shinobi World and Cyber Shinobi show the same screenshot (which appears to be an earlier version of the former), and Fantasy Zone shows a screenshot of Fantasy Zone II (upon closer inspection of the game description, however, this one is actually a typo in the title which should read Fantasy Zone II).

This was another poster that came off the wall of my childhood apartment, and tape and staple holes are probably visible in the scan. Perhaps due to the white color of the poster, it was a lot harder putting together the various scanned sections in Photoshop (this black Genesis one was a lot easier, for example). The silver gridlines were especially problematic, and the final product shows some slight misalignments which I apologize for. Believe me, I really tried.

Despite the issues, I quite like this one. I hope you do too.

Sega Master System II Poster 1990

Sega Master System II Game Lineup 1990

Capcom Craze Club, Nintendo Lineup (1992)

This last museum post of the day is a brochure/poster for the Capcom Craze Club and a listing of Capcom games available for Nintendo systems in 1992. From the goofiness of the fanny pack to the cheesiness of the kids striking poses, I would guess that Nintendo got their child-friendly tentacles deep into Capcom USA’s marketing department. Now that I think about it, perhaps this is the reason that Capcom chose to use such ugly art for the American release of Street Fighter II.

I don’t recall buying any Capcom games other than Street Fighter II, which means that this brochure probably came with that game. The code CAP-SNS-US seems to suggest this as well. Another interesting tidbit is that the poster was printed in Japan. Back then, games were still being manufactured in Japan so it makes sense from a logistics standpoint that the printed matter would be made in the same location as the cartridge. Looking at my PS3 and PS4 games now, I see that they are “manufactured and printed” in the USA.

As always, I hope you enjoy this final (and goofy!) museum post of the day.

Capcom Craze Club Fanny Pack Offer (1992)

Capcom Craze Club Nintendo Lineup (1992)

Life-Like Train Set Registration Card

Like many kids growing up, I was fascinated with trains, and owned a train set. My first and only train set, bought some time between 1989 and 1990, was manufactured by Life-Like. Later, I would buy extra tracks, cars, and a Bachmann locomotive, but I never got another train set. Still, while I had it I enjoyed it to the max, creating a little town with a railroad crossing and even an airport (with those old foam WWII warplanes from Chinatown).

As I recall, I read about true hobbyists nailing their tracks down on a piece of plywood and wanted to try the same thing, except I didn’t have any plywood, nor did I have the space. I was just a little kid in a little tiny apartment with my train set taking up a quarter of the kitchen. So, I nailed my tracks down on the deck outside the bedroom, which worked fine until it started raining. My train phase ended after that.

In these past months of throwing out old things I’ve actually scanned a couple of other train-related items, so perhaps I’ll post them here at a later date. For now, here’s the registration card from my first and only train set.

Life-Like Train Set Registration Card

Life-Like Train Set Registration Card

Electronic Arts Early 90s Phone Numbers

Here’s a slip of paper containing phone numbers for Electronic Arts, early 1990s. One side is the sales number, the other side is the 900 hint line. Why do something for free when you can charge money for it, right?

I want to say this came from one of those writing-pad style displays that you often see in the cash register area, but I really have no memory of it, just an inkling.

Electronic Arts Early 1990s Sales Number

Electronic Arts Early 1990s Hint Line

Sega Patents Insert

Here’s an unknown artifact from some Sega product of the early 1990s. It could have come from a Sega Genesis system, a Sega CD system, or maybe the 6-button controller. There was a time when I could have identified everything in this blue bag, but that time has long passed. This is what I get for not looking at my stuff in over two decades.

Sega Patents Insert

Electronic Arts Sega Genesis Lineup and Hint Line Poster (1992)

This third museum post of the day is an Electronic Arts poster featuring 1992’s Sega Genesis lineup on one side, and a phone menu chart for EA’s hint line on the other. The games side is pretty nice; not sure about that 900 number though. For the record, I never called it, nor did I ever desire to do so.

Poster - Electronic Arts Sega Genesis Lineup (1992)

Poster - Electronic Arts Hint Line Phone Menu

Sega Genesis Free Speaker Offer (1990-1991)

Here’s a coupon for the Sega Genesis Free Speaker Offer, circa 1990-1991. As mentioned in this post, I actually redeemed these speakers, and they were pretty cool. Later, when I saw an identical model of speaker elsewhere, I learned that they were merely generic speakers with a Genesis logo printed on them. I collected a bunch of these coupons, and this is the last one. Enjoy!

Sega Genesis Free Speaker Certificate

Sega Genesis Free Speaker Certificate

Sony Walkman Battery Charger Notice (1987)

Here’s a random notice circa 1987 regarding a battery charger that came with a Sony Walkman. I want to say it came with this one, but this came out in 1993, and the charger is definitely different than the one in the illustration. If I remember correctly, my mother actually had another Walkman prior to the WM-GX707, so this notice probably came with that.

Sony Walkman Battery Charger Notice (1987)
Note that the charger in the illustration is different…
Sony BC-8AT Battery Charger
…than this BC-8AT one that has a door, that came with WM-GX707.

Page from Bay Area Computer Currents May 19 – June 1, 1992

Here’s a nice artifact from the pre-internet days of computing, from almost exactly 25 years ago: a page from Computer Currents magazine, a free publication that was available from those metal boxes at various street corners.

I don’t remember why I kept this particular page. In May of ’92, I was just finishing my first year of high school, and I certainly did not have the funds for a new computer, but it looks like I saved this page for the Stellar USA ad. Maybe I was already pining for an upgrade to my 386. Maybe there was a game that I wanted to max out settings on. But why a vendor from Berkeley? I’d probably never even been there at that point. I guess it will have to remain a mystery.

It’s fun to see prices from that time period and to see how far we’ve come. The upgrade technology on the second page is interesting as well (more here). Looks like at the end of the day, it always has been and always will be about the balance between cost and performance. Very fascinating indeed.

Bay Area Computer Currents - May 19 to June 1, 1992 - Page 73

Bay Area Computer Currents - May 19 to June 1, 1992 - Page 74